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Kazuki Momorestu

Physical blindness and mental blindness are not mutually exclusive concepts.

Kazuki Momoretsu
19 January 1985
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CHARACTER'S NAME: Kazuki Momoretsu
AGE: 16
BIRTH DATE: November 8th
HOMETOWN: London, England
SEX: Female
PLAYED BY: Sunako Nakahara from The Wallflower

WEAKNESSES: Unless it's the Dark Hour, she's blind. She doesn't trust others easily and works with people only on the most basic of levels. She doesn't try to flirt or socialize, and she's also a bit lacking in self esteem due to her blindness. She also hates relying on others for anything; it causes her to be very stubborn, causing friction between her and others.
STRENGTHS: Emotionally, Kazuki is independent, having a strong will and desire to live. She's also very intelligent, having exceptional hearing and memory, partially due to the loss of her sight. She thinks in logic and strategy, and never goes off task. Physically, she is agile and fast, most of her strength in her legs rather than her arms. She's very meticulous and orderly, and always remembers where things and places are once she finds them for the first time. This could also be thanks to her Persona.

PERSONA ABILITIES: Hama, Rakukaja, Sukukaja
ARCANA: Hermit
FACTION: Neutral; possibly in S.E.E.S.

PERSONALITY: Kazuki isn't as much of a mess as most think she is. She's a strong, independent girl, yet incredibly self-conscious about herself. Before she was blind, she was actually pretty nice and friendly. However, after she lost her sight, she began to shut herself off. Now, she is calm, almost cold, but civil. She prefers to keep to herself, listening to music or books on tape. She also tends to enjoy her homework, liking to work out equations and other logic-based problems in her head. Her memory is also top-notch, and she tends to remember events and other things down to the smallest detail. Naturally, she enjoys Math and History, and they are her best subjects. Despite this, she has an active imagination, and tends to create images in her head of what she believes of her teachers and classmates who annoy her for her own amusement. That she keeps a close secret, and hasn't told a soul.

Nothing pisses her off more than being pitied; she hates it when people try to talk to her and sound sympathetic to her condition, or ask her if she needs help doing anything. She always replies no in a very cold manner. Even when she does need help, she refuses to admit it, usually having to begrudgingly ask for help in the end, much to her chagrin.

Kazuki is human. And she is flawed.

BACKGROUND: Kazuki Momoretsu was born in London, thanks to her father working there as a coach for a Manchester soccer team. Till she was six, Kazuki was perfectly healthy. A perky child with an infectious smile and beautiful blue eyes. Then she started to complain that her head hurt. Her mother, concerned, took her to the doctor. When medicine failed, x-rays and CAT scans were performed.

And then came the bad news.

Kazuki had developed small tumors on the backs of her eyes, white ones that looked like packs of cauliflower on her optic nerves and retinas. The doctor claimed that the tumors were deadly, but could still be removed without affecting her sight too horribly. They agreed, and Kazuki was sent to surgery. The operation went well till, during the procedure, the tumor began to grow, covering more ground rapidly. Kazuki's parents were quickly called, and basically given the ultimatum: the girl would either lose her eyesight, or lose her life. Her eyes, both of them, had to be completely removed. Time being of the essence, and not wanting to lose their daughter's life, her parents agreed.

Kazuki woke days later with bandages over her eyes, wondering why she couldn't blink, why her head felt... empty. She heard her mother sobbing as her father took her hand and calmly explained how both her eyes had to be removed. They had managed to keep her eyelids intact thanks to steady hands, so nobody would look at her and see empty sockets, but her sight was gone.

The child, once perky and happy, felt dead. She isolated herself for weeks after the surgery, even after she was sent home, trying to come to terms with what she had become. Blind. It was around this time, that something else started to stir in her head.

She soon accepted her fate, going into rehabilitation and learning about living life without sight. She was a fast learner, her family eventually moving back to Japan to get advanced treatment for her. She began to see a psychiatrist to deal with some of the mental trauma she was experiencing, which included vivid nightmares. She also started to wear a ski cap to keep her long bangs over her eyes and keep them hidden. When Kazuki turned 14, the Dark Hour made itself known for the first time. As midnight struck, Kazuki had what she referred to as 'an attack', where her eyelids opened and stayed open for a few moments. It was a side effect of the surgery, and was something Kazuki hated. However, when this attack happened, when her eyelids opened... She could see. Thinking it was a dream, Kazuki got out of bed and found her way to the bathroom using a flashlight. When she looked in the mirror, she was shocked to find that her once empty sockets were, indeed, housing eyes again. However, the blue was mixed with purple, an odd shade.

After that, Kazuki could feel... someone in her head. It was like an imaginary friend, only she knew it was real. She wasn't sure who it was, but their presence was comforting. Kazuki happily walked around her house, with sight, till the Dark Hour ended. Abruptly, her sight vanished, and she fell to the floor in shock. Over the next few years, she experimented with her eyesight, judging what she could see and not see in the dark, and if her other senses were dulled thanks to it. She discovered how her parents transmogrified into coffins, and managed to find some information on Apathy Syndrome at the library. She learned quite a bit, but got nowhere till the letter arrived.

It was an invitation to attend Gekkoukan High School, and to join the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad, a school club. However, it wasn't long after she enrolled that she learned the true function of S.E.E.S. Eliminating the Dark Hour sounded like a noble pursuit, but... She didn't want to lose her sight, either. A selfish wish, she knew, but could anyone blame her. Thus, she is now thinking about it, trying to decide what she wants.

This is an RP account for all_my_sees maintained by pariah164. Do not sue, please, as I am making no monies. Sunako's art belongs to Tomoyo Hayakawa.

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